Book #1 Updates:

August 26 Update:
The Alan Cale Report link is fixed in Chapter 28, you can now read the report. 

August 25th Update:
Here is a comment from XX, a Plantation Palms Resident:

Jim – I just finished Book 1 and commend you for putting on record our community history. I also want to say a few words about Simon later in my note. 

My history at PP only goes back two years. I legally settled in early July, 2015. I did not move in until mid-August 2015. A couple of days after I moved in, Ron Scotch came to my door and said he was a block captain. He gave me the blog and BBOC sites. Of course living within the Plantation Palms Golf Club without a golf club made no sense and I signed up. The only real information came from your weekly posting and a one a month newsletter that did not report what was on everyone’s mind. I was aghast at the Facebook posting which made me think you had a pitchfork and a pointed tail. That you stayed true to your values was the greatest indication I should believe you. 

And Simon here I must apologize for giving you the cold shoulder. I thought Jim was almost a one-man band and you were one of those instigators. Since then I realized a team of dedicated individuals are not only trying to BBOC but make PP a better place to live. (If you don’t remember me, I was the one that sought you out at Mulligans and asked you to  ignore the bitching and keep up the good work!)

 I have not started book 2 yet  but wanted to personally thank you not only for the golf (I’m on the 6th fairway with the broken glass and ripped-up lanai) but for making PP the place to live. An example of the points ya’ll keep making Is with my search for a house. I was told Chaval was the place to be and looked at several houses in the old and new section. I liked the old section but was pricey. The new section to me was a mess. I never looked inside any house. The streets had garbage cans over turned, boats in yards and it was hard to navigate with so many cars on the street and blocking sidewalks – not a place for me. Instead I selected a house with 6’ tall weeds looking out my back window.

 Again – I think the BBOC team and the present HOA bring a sense of community. Thank you both. 



August 19, 2017 Update:
In Book #1 Steve Hummell is identified as a Rocky “financial partner”, he is shown in Chapter 24 The Big Meeting. It has come to our attention that Mr. Hummell was arrested and charged with 10 felonies in Sarasota Co by the Florida Office of Financial Regulations. He was extradited from his home in Georgia and has agreed to a plea bargain, sentencing is set for early September. Here is a copy of the  Affidavit of Probable Cause, and Steve’s Mug Shot. Here is more information on the agency’s web site (click here)