What are the odds that a golf course, enclosed in a Florida gated community, closed for over 2 years would ever be brought back to life …… not very good for sure! Here is the story of how this actually happened. The story includes a lot of information never before made public, all the drama of a TV reality show, some mistakes, and finally after 2+ years, success. This story was written as my recollection of the events with the help of hundreds of emails, documents and research. The reopening of the Plantation Palms Golf Club and ensuing improvements in our property values would not have happened had it not been for the countless hours of work and support from a small group of dedicated people. This small group was able to get the message out to the homeowners who overwhelmingly endorsed the plan. Although it will appear that I’m taking most of the credit for this effort, it would have been impossible to accomplish without all the efforts from the people I mention in this book, especially my trusted friend Simon Fitzpatrick.

I hope you enjoy the story, if you find any discrepancies you can pass them along and I can always change the narrative. Enjoy!!

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